Tuesday, May 10, 2016

letter writting

Choose from the word bank and write a letter to your HM, apologising for being late.



Respected Sir/Madam,

I was given the duty of bringing flowers to decorate the _____________ and to be fastened into the flag. I collected sufficient flowers of different varieties early in the _____________ . Unfortunately, my _____________ had a flat tyre. I had to wheel it to the _____________ and set it right. I took __________ hours
to repair the damage. I really apologise that I couldn’t bring the _____________ in time.

                                                                                                                Yours _______________ ,


                                                                                    Thank you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


1. Pick out the right greetings for the following occasions :

1. When you meet your close friend -

2. When you meet your Teacher / Superior –

3. When you meet somebody in the afternoon –

4. When you meet somebody in the afternoon after a long gap –

5. When you meet somebody at night –

6. When you depart from somebody at night –

2.Greetings are exchanged during festivals and anniversaries. Fix the occasion for the following greetings.

Happy Diwali        -     Diwali

Happy Pongal       -

Happy New Year   -

Merry Christmas   -

Id Mubarak           -

Happy Birthday     -

Happy Anniversary -

Many Many Happy Returns of the day -

3.Greeting is also a message of good wish to somebody’s health, happiness, etc. Here are a few greetings that we use commonly.

Have a good day !
Nice day to you
Wish you a successful day
Joyful trip to you
A happy journey to you
God bless you
Safe journey to you
Let the blessings of God be with you
Showers of blessings on you
All the best
Best of luck
Good luck
Come out with flying colours
Wish you a speedy recovery
When and to whom will you use the above mentioned wishes?

General questions

1. Prepare SMS message for the following contexts.

a. For birthdays
b. For festivals

2. Write the collective noun for the following.

a. Players
b. Grapes

3. Choose verbs from the box which have the same meanings given below Export, Steal, Discuss, Apologise

a. Take somebody else’s property secretly, unlawfully.

b. Show regret for doing wrong.

c. Send goods to another country.

d. Argue about a subject.

4. Rewrite the sentences using the opposite adjectives.

a. He bought a new car.

b. She likes cold weather.

5. Frame sentences for the following adverbs.

a. Politely

b. Neatly

6. Give an example for the following patterns.



7. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

She got up ___ the morning. She cleaned her teeth ____ a toothbrush and had a bath ___ hot water.

She studied her lessons _____ two hours.

8. Rewrite the sentences using modals.

a. Vinodhini has got the ability to drive a car.
Vinodhini _______ drive a car.

b. Please permit me to take leave on Monday.
_____ I take leave on Monday.

9. Fill in the blanks with suitable tense forms:

a. My father always _________ (go) to office on time.

b. India _______ (become) free in 1947.

c. I _____ (not complete) my assignment yet.

d. At present she ________ (watch) TV.

 10. Rewrite in Direct speech.

I told my sister that I was in a hurry then.

11. Write down the social factors promoting English in Schools.

12. Mention the importance of motivation with respect to Spoken English.

13. Specify any four elements of a good story.

14. Prepare a vote of thanks for the annual day celebration of a school.

15. English is unphonetic. Tamil is phonetic. Compare and contrast.

16. Is listening a receptive or productive skill? What are the three basic stages of listening?

17. Give any two of the nasal sounds with one example each.

18. Transcribe the following in phonetic script.

   a. Dull               b. Apple

19. Design a game to teach spelling at primary level.

20. Write a short rhyme on any theme of your choice.


Look at this report from the Hindu, dated 17.01.2008 titled “Books delving into Tirukkural released”.

Read this report and answer the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of this report?

2. What kind of language has been used? Active or passive voice? First person or third person account?

3. Is the presentation clear and accurate?

4. Does the report have the significant details such as what, who and how?

A Report is an accurate and objective description or account of significant events which could be political, social and academic. A report should be simple and clear;
and in third person point of view using the passive voice. Work in teams of three or four. Each team of ‘engineers’ is going to have a design and build a ‘bridge’ between
two tables, using only the following materials: One sheet of A4 paper and Two paper clips

Your bridge must span a gap between two tables without collapsing and without being physically supported by the engineers themselves. The winning group will be the one that builds the LONGEST bridge. You will only be given ONE piece of paper and no extra pieces will be supplied, so don’t fold it, cut it or tear it until your group has reached a consensus on how to construct it. It might be wise to make sketches of your design before starting construction.

Write a report on how each team worked on this.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Letter writing is an activity which demands care and caution. A letter not only communicates what you want but also conveys to the reader your image,  attitude and beliefs. A well-written letter can get whatever response you expect from the reader.

(a) Write a leave letter to your class teacher. Alternative words are given to help you write a different letter.





Respected Sir/Madam,

My sister’s/brother’s/uncle’s wedding falls on __/__/_____ at Madurai/ Trichy. Kindly grant me one/two days leave to attend the wedding.

                                                                          Thanking You,

                                                                                                              Yours obediently/lovingly,