Monday, October 26, 2009

Improve your spoken English.

Reading aloud

I would suggest you read nursery rhymes aloud and recite them again and again. Read storybooks aloud especially the conversation parts. Make it a habit to read newspaper regularly.


Listen to people talking in English.
Listen to the English news on T.V.
If possible listen to good English music, be it pop, rap or hymnals.
Let your ears get used to hearing English words.


Why have you studied English so long in school without learning to speak fluently? It is because your teachers have tried to train your mind with written exercises without training your tongue at the same time.

Be bold enough to talk in English. To start with, try to converse with shopkeepers over phone.

Similarly pick up any random phone number in classifieds and try to talk in English.

Nothing could be more helpful than talking to friend or an acquaintance who does not know your tongue.

Right or wrong, keep talking. Train your tongue to speak English and familiarize your tongue in some common expression. This will help you to get over your inhibition.

If your sentences go wrong, some of you may tend to feel self-conscious. Don’t worry. You can continue to speak your mother tongue using as many English words and expressions as possible.


Of course, this is what you must have done all through your school days and college days. This is very important too. Grammar exercises provide you with a solid base on which you can keep building lifelong.

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