Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reading Practice

Reading practice for beginners

Those who have practice problem in reading can do this exercise. Others can skip it. Read the following aloud.

At -cat, rat, mat, pa, sat An -can, pan, van, man
Et -pet, met, vet, jet, get En -en, men, ken, ten
In -pin, bin, kin, sin, win It -pit, bit, wit, sit,
Ot -pot, rot, hot, dot, cot OP -top, pop, mop, cop
Un –pun, gun, bun, run, fun Ut -but, nut, put, cut, jut
Ee -peel, reel, tree, greet
Oo -book, cook, soot
Ea -meat, seat, treat, neat
Ou -pout, round, pound
Ai -fair, chair, pair
Oi -oil, boil, coil, soi

Try to read

Pencil, burger, hot dog, house, sister, mother, father, brother, tree, street, garden, table, student, computer, ship, ground, teacher, church sheep, post card, shirt, girl, cupboard, umbrella, window, door, picture freedom, cough, tough, gruff, portion, ration, screen, bio data, interview, meeting, lovebirds, rooster, puppy, tortoise, calendar, dictionary.

This is a cat.

That is dog.

This is an umbrella.

That is an egg.

This is a boy.

That is a girl.

This is my house.

That is your pen.

That is her pencil.

It is his book.

It is not his bag.

It is my gag.

I am mohan.

This is my room.

He is my father.

She is my mother.

That is my sister and he is my brother.

She is my cousin.

That lady is my aunt.

He is my uncle.

They are my friends.

My grandfather is in Bangalore.

I live in Bangalore.

I work in a practice.

He is my boss.

His name is P.S.gobal.

He has a car.

I have a scooter.

I have a doctor.

I like dogs but I don’t like cats.

I know English.

I don’t know Hindi.

I know swimming and diving.

I don’t know painting.

I can understand English but I can’t understand Hindi.

I can swim but I can’t sing.

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