Saturday, October 24, 2009

Request in English - Telephone request

We can use the following example to make the request in the polite mannaer.

1. May i know your name. plesase?
2. May i know your address, Sir?
3. May i know your phone numerb please?
4. Could you pass the butter please?
5. Can i make the STD here?
6. Could you wait for haalf an hour for me?
7. Can you help me to fill the form, please?
8. How much is this please?
9. May i come in?
10. use your own sentence here ane practice it regularly?

Telephone request

1. May i know who's on the line please?
2.Can i put you on hold please?
3. Can you call after half an hour please?
4. Could you pass this message on to Mr. Praveen, please?

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