Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vocabulary for cooking and cleaning house

Cleaning the house involves

Sweep - clean with a broom
Mop/swap - clean with a wet cloth
Dust - remove the dust
Scrub - rub hard
Polish - shine
Wipe - rub and clean

Cooking involves

Bake - cook in the oven
Boil - cook in water
Fry - cook in oil
Roast - heat without oil
Stir - mix with a spoon
Dice - cut into cubes
Shred - make into thin long strips
Grate - cut into short strips using a grater
Slice - cut into slices
Chop - cut
Slit - cut and open
Shell - remove the seed from the pod
String - remove the string
Freeze - bring to zero temperature
Thaw - bring to room temperature
Warm - heat
Garnish - decorate the food

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