Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adjective sentences

h4> Adjectives connected with rude and uneducated people:

Crude   -   not refined
Unsophisticated   -   not refined
Illiterate   -   uneducated
Superstitious   -   with foolish beliefs
Manner less   -    not well behaved/ ill-mannered

Adjectives connected with a gentleman:

Sophisticated   -   refined
Educated   -   well read
Polite   -   courteous and respectful
Highly qualified    -    learned
Understanding   -   kind and considerate
Well-dressed   -    neatly/ tastefully dressed

Adjectives connected with a dog:

Faithful   -   loyal
Harmless   -   not dangerous
Harmful   -   dangerous
Well-trained   -   given practice to do certain activities
Ferocious   -   wild
Friendly   -   pleasant and sociable

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