Sunday, November 8, 2009

Adjectives Words

Adjectives that can be used to describe a student:

Promising    -    showing potential
Hard-working   -   industrious
Lazy   -   not active
Careless   -   slipshod
Brilliant    -   intelligent
Bright   -       intelligent
Dull   -   not intelligent
Mediocre   -   average
Obedient   -   listening to the words of elders
Punctual   -   keeping up correct tome
Systematic    -   organized or disciplined
Clumsy   -   shabby or untidy

Adjectives that are used to describe a building:

Huge   -   very big
Imposing    -   big and impressive
Massive   -   strong and impressive

Adjectives for the interior of the room:

Spacious   -   roomy
Neat   -   tidy
Congested    -    cluttered
bright   -    well lit
Ventilated    -      breezy or airy
Furnished   -   with furniture

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