Friday, November 27, 2009

Basic english conversation - Daily activities

Conversation A

S1. What time do you get up? ,
S2. I get up about seven fifteen.
S1. What time is breakfast at your house?
S2. Breakfast is always at a quarter to eight.

Conversation B

S1. What do you usually do in the afternoon?
S2. We usually study or read.
S1. What do you generally do over the weekend?
S2. We generally enjoy sports and visit friends.

Conversation C

S1. Do you ever go to museums?
S2. I go every now and then.
S1. What kinds of things do you like to see?
S2. I enjoy seeing statues and old paintings.

Conversation D

S1.Do you watch television very often?
S2. Well, I sometimes watch it in the evening.
S1. Did you watch television last night?
S2. Yes, I did. I saw several good programs.

Conversation E

S1. Do you ever listen to the radio?
S2.Certainly. In fact, I listen practically every night.
Sl. What's your favorite program?
S2.I like the Eleven O'clock Theater best of all.

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