Saturday, November 28, 2009

English conversation topic - Talking about activities

Conversation A

S1. Where have you been?
S2. I've been to the movies.
S1. What did you see?
S2. I saw an Italian movie about life in Sicily.

Conversation B

S1. What places have you seen so far?
S2. I've been to almost all the museums.
S1. Have you gone to any parks yet?
S2. No, I haven't. I haven't had enough time for that.

Conversation C

S1. Let's meet at your house tonight.
S2. O.K. That sounds fine.
S1. I've forgotten how to get to your house.
S2. Just take the Tenth Street bus to Third Avenue.

Conversation D

S1. Let's watch television for a while.
S2: All right, but let's finish this work first.
S1. Oh, let's not do the work right now.
S2. You're just lazy, in my opinion.

Conversation E

S1. I can't hear the television set.
S2. Why don't you sit closer?
S1. I'm right beside it now.
S2. Why don't you turn up the volume?

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