Saturday, November 28, 2009

English conversation topic - What did you do

Conversation A

S1. Where did you go after lunch?
S2. I went to the public library.
S1. Which one did you go to?
S2. I went to the one at 42nd Street. ..

Conversation B

S1. What did you do last night?
S2. I watched television.
S1. Where did you watch it?
S2. I watched it here- in the recreation room.

Conversation C

S1. Was that television program interesting?
S2. I thought it was very boring.
S1. What did your friends think of it?
S2. They were bored too.

Conversation D

S1.I went to a lecture last night.
S2.What was it about?
S1.Society and modern art
S2.I wish I'd gone with you.

Conversation E

S1. We went to the movies the night before last.
S2. What did you see?
S1. We saw a film about cowboys and Indians.
S2. Don't you ever get tired of those westerns?

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