Saturday, November 28, 2009

Simple English conversation - Train station

Conversation A

S1. I've got to go to the train station.
S2. What do you have to go for?
S1. To meet my cousin from Washington.
S2. Let me take you in my car.

Conversation B

S1. Did you get to the station on time?
S2. We did, but we were almost late.
S1. How close was it?
S2. We got on the train just as it was starting.

Conversation C

S1. Did your cousin arrive on time?
S2. No. He was an hour late.
S1. Did you meet him at the station?
S2. I was right there on the platform when the train came.

Conversation D

S1. Where's my bag?
S2. Here it is.
S1.Where's my briefcase?
S2. There it is-over there.

Conversation E

S1. Do you have your suitcases?
S2. I've got one of them with me.
S1. Where are the rest of them?

S2. I checked my two other ones at the baggage room.

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