Saturday, November 28, 2009

Simple English conversation - Train station 2

Conversation A

S1. How do you get home every day?
S2. I take the commuter train to Westport.
S1. Isn't it rather expensive going by train?
S2. No. I buy a twenty-trip commuter ticket each month.

Conversation B

S1. Can you give me some information?
S2. You're at the right place.
S1. I want to go to Washington.
S2. The next train leaves at four thirty.

Conversation C

S1. How soon does the train leave?
S2. It leaves in ten minutes.
S1. Do I have time to check my bags?
S2. I don't think you do.

Conversation D

S1.At what time does the next train leave for the city?
S2.There's one at four and another at four forty-five.
S1.What's the fare?
S2.It's eight fifty including tax.

Conversation E

S1. How much is the fare to Miami?
S2. A hundred fifty dollars round trip.
S3. What time does the next train leave?
S4. one leaves at six thirty on track 31.

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