Thursday, December 10, 2009

Asking direction - Simple english conversation

S1. Where's the airlines office?
S2. It's near bus terminal--the Central Terminal.
S1. How far is that from here?
S2. About a half a mile, I think.

Conversation B

S1. Where's the post office?
S2. It's three blocks that way.
S1. What did you say?
S2. Three blocks up that street.

Conversation C

S1. Where's airport?
S2. It’s north of the city.
S1. What's the best way to get there?
S4. Take Highway 15 to the north.

Conversation D

S1. What street is the local library on?
S2. I don't know.
S3. How can I find out?
S2. Why don't you ask a policeman?

Conversation E

S1. Where's is the nearest telephone?
S2. There's one in that drugstore.
S1. Do you mean that store over there?
S2. Yes. That's the one.

Exercise 1 / Line A1 /

Where's the airlines office?

the bus terminal Where's the bus terminal?
the train station Where's the train station?
the airport Where's the airport?
the local library Where's the local library?
the nearest hospital Where's the nearest hospital?
the next bus stop Where's the next bus stop?

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