Thursday, December 10, 2009

Basic english conversation - Finding Hotel

Conversation A

S1. Where's the hotel, please?
S2. It's on Main Street.
S1. Where's that?
S2. It's the next street straight ahead.

Conversation B

S1. Can you tell me where the hotel is?
S2. It's in the next block.
S1. On this side or the other side?
S2. This side. Straight ahead of you.

Conversation C

S1. I want to go to the Beachside Hotel.
S2. Do you have a map?
S1. Yes, I do. Here it is
S2. The hotel is right there –at that intersection.

Conversation D

S1. Excuse me. I'm lost.
S2. Where do you live?
S1. I live at Royal Hotel.
S2. The Royal Hotel is two blocks that way.

Conversation E

S1. Can you help me, please?
S2. What's the matter?
S1. Where is the grand hotel on this map?
S2. It is right here-right next to the train station.

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