Sunday, December 13, 2009

Basic english conversation - Travelling in Bus

S1. Does this bus go into the city?
S2. Yes. Where do you want to go?
S1. I want to go to Harbor Heights.
S2. This is the right bus then.

Conversation B

S1. Does this bus go as far as Washington Square?
S2. No. You'll have to transfer.
S1. Where can I do it?
S2. You can get the Washington Square bus at the next corner.

Conversation C

S1. Is this where I get off the bus?
S2. No. Not here-•at the next stop.
S1. Can I catch a taxi right there?
S2. Yes. There's a taxi stand right by the bus stop.

Conversation D

S1. Excuse me, but how do I get to this address?
S2. Get off the bus at Water Street and Main.
S1. Thanks very much for your help.
S2. Don't mention it.

Conversation E

S1. Is West Street the next stop?
S2. I'm sorry, but I didn't understand you.
S1. Does the bus stop at West Street next?
S2. Yes. Right at the next corner.

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