Friday, December 11, 2009

Children English learning


􀀻 Watch age appropriate English programmes and videos.
􀀻 Play word games such as Scrabble, Boggle, Bingo, Spellmaster, etc.
􀀻 Read to your child - even older children enjoy being read to.
􀀻 Have your child read to you - without correction.
􀀻 Make a variety of appropriate reading materials available to your child e.g.
magazines, fiction and non-fiction books, comics, etc.
􀀻 Let your child choose books that he / she is interested in.
􀀻 Sing songs, read rhymes and riddles.
􀀻 Buy toys and games that will assist your child’s English e.g. blocks with letters
of the alphabet on them.
􀀻 Speak English.
􀀻 Read rhyme and rhythm type stories.
􀀻 Encourage your child to read English in his / her every day environment e.g.
signs, posters, labels in the supermarket, street names, etc.
􀀻 Label household objects.
􀀻 Encourage your child to listen to the radio.
􀀻 Encourage and praise your child.
􀀻 Discuss stories and programmes that your child has read or seen e.g. talk about
the characters, ask about your child’s opinion, make sure your child knows
what the story is about.
􀀻 Avoid interrogation - e.g. What did you do at school today? and instead
question in a focused manner e.g. What was the funniest thing that happened

Learning spoken English

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Thanks for sharing this nice post. Some children don't have any natural ability to learn English Language, So use some English Learning Tips for Kids for effective learning.

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