Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting information in the Airport

Conversation A

S1. At what time does the next plane to London leave?
S2. The next one is flight 12 at eleven fifty-five.
S1. What's the next one after that?
S2. Flight 21 at one oh-five.

Conversation B

S1. How often is there a flight to Paris?
S2. We have flights to Paris every hour.
S1. Are they nonstop flights
S2. Yes. Direct to Paris.

Conversation C

S1. Could I make a reservation for flight 10 to Tokyo?
S2. I'm sorry, but everything is taken.
S1. How about the next flight-tomorrow at two o'clock?
S2. Yes. I can give you a reservation on that.

Conversation D

S1. I'd like to check in for the flight to New York.
S2. Fine. Do you have your ticket and passport?
S1. Yes. Here's my ticket, and I'll get out my passport.
S2. Would you please put your baggage on the scales?

Conversation E

S1. How long is the flight from New York to Washington?
S2. Well, supposedly an hour, but it's sometimes longer.
S1. How often are there flights to Washington from New York?
S2. There's. one every hour.

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