Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Getting into the hotel - Basic english conersation

Conversation A

S1. What's a good hotel in this town?
S2. The Jefferson Hotel is good.
S1. How far is it from here?
S2. It's quite close-about four blocks.

Conversation B

S1. Where are you staying?
S2. We're staying at an excellent hotel.
S1. What's the name of the hotel?
S2. The Eastern Hotel.

Conversation C

S1. How long will you be in New York?
S2. I'll be here about two weeks.
S1. Where are you going to stay?
S2. I'm going to stay at the Madison Hotel.

Conversation D

S1. I'd like a single room) please.
S2. Do you want a room with a bath?
S1. Yes. please. Do you have one?
S2. Yes. We have one at ten dollars a day.

Conversation E

S1. I have a reservation 'for a room here.
S2. Yes. You're in room 341 on the third floor.
S1. Can I take the elevator over there?
S2. Yes, and turn right when you get off the elevator.

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