Sunday, December 13, 2009

Practice spoken English - Car trip conversation

S1. Are you taking a trip today?
S2. Yes. We're going to Boston.
S1. lt's a good day for the trip
S2. I'm glad the sun is shining

Conversation B

S1. How far is it from here to the coast?
S2. It's about 250 miles.
S1. How long does it take to get there by car?
S2. It takes about five hours.

Conversation C

S1. How far is it to the next gas station?
S2. There's one two miles from here.
S1. Is there a place to eat there?
S2. Yes. There's a restaurant next to the station.

Conversation D

S1. What's the best way to Ocean City.
S2. The superhighway, but it's also the longest way.
S1. How much longer is it that way?
S2. About 10 or 12 miles.

Conversation E
S1. Are they going by way of North Plains?
S2. No. They aren't taking that route.
S1. How are they traveling then?
S2. They're driving directly to Ocean City.

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