Thursday, December 10, 2009

Practice spoken English - Getting information

Conversation A

S1. What's the matter?
S2. I need some information.
S1. Go to that desk over there.
S2. Thank you very much.

Conversation B

S1. Can you help me, please?
S2. I'll try to.
S1. What's the best way to get to this address?
S2. I'm sorry, but I really don't know.

Conversation C

S1. How can I get to that address?
S2. You can go by taxi.
S1. Isn't there any other way?
S2. Yes, by bus, but it's complicated.

Conversation D

S1. How do I get to the nearest subway station?
S2. It's two blocks up that street.
S1. Do you mean the street running that way?
S2. Yes. That's the one.

Conversation E

S1. Is this the right way to Grand Central Station?
S2. No. You're going the wrong way.
S1. Which way should I be going then?
S2. It's in that direction-about six blocks.

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