Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simple English conversation - Airport

Conversation A

S1.Where wm you meet your friends?
S2.I'll meet them at the airport
S1.When will they get there?
S2.I don't know yet.

Conversation B

S1. When are you meeting your friends?
S2. I'm meeting them at eight o'clock tomorrow night.
S1. How are they getting here?
S2. They're coming by air.

Conversation C

S1. Is this Southwestern Airlines?
S2. Yes. May I help you?
S1. Can you tell me when flight 439 will arrive?
S2. One moment, please. I'll check.

Conversation D

S1. All the incoming flights are listed on that board.
S2. I see they expect Bill's flight to be twenty minutes late.
S1. Do they have an arrival gate listed?
S2. No. They’ll probably list it about ten minutes before arrival.

Conversation E

S1. Well! How was your trip?
S2. It was very smooth and fast.
S1. Could you see the mountains from the plane?
S2. Yes. The visibility was excellent all the way.

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