Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spoken English conversation - Finding a way

S1.Pardon me. "Where's the Central Theater?
S2.It's in the next block-straight'- ahead.
S1.Thank You very much .
S2.That's all right.

Conversation B

S1. Where's the National Department Store?
S2. It’s down town-on Brown Street.
S1. Do you know the exact address?
S2. Yes. It's 521 Brown Street.

Conversation C

S1. Can you tell me where the library is located?
S2. Yes. Do you see that church down the street'?
S1. Yes. It's quite easy to see with such a tall spire.
S2. Just turn left there and walk three blocks.

Conversation D

S1. Are the instructions too complicated for you?
S2. Well, would you mind repeating them?
S1. I’d be glad to.
S2. I'd like to write them down this time.

Conversation E

S1. Can you tell me where the station is?
S2. Turn right and go four blocks.
S1. Would you mind repeating that?
S2. 1'd be glad to.

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