Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spoken English conversation

Asking about business

S1. Where do I get the downtown bus?
S2. Walk straight ahead one block
S1. Thanks very much
S2. Don't mention it.

Conversation B

S1. Where does the bus stop?
S2. At the next corner.
S1. Does it go downtown?
S2. Only the number 5 bus goes downtown

Conversation C.

S1. Are there many bus stops along this street?
S2. Yes, there are. There are quite a few.
S1. Are they located at the corners?
S2. Most of them are, but a few aren't.

Conversation D

S1. How do I get to the station?
S2.Take the bus at the next corner.
S1. Do you know which bus I take?
S2. Watch for number 32.

Conversation E

S1. How much is the fare on this bus?
S2 It's fifteen cents.
S1. do I give the money to you.
S2. No just drop it in this machine.

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