Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What is noun?

1. A noun is a name word, representing directly to the mind an
object, substance, or idea.

3. Nouns are classified as follows:--

(1) Proper.

(2) Common. (a) CLASS NAMES: i. Individual.
ii. Collective.

(3) Abstract. (a) ATTRIBUTE.

4. A proper noun is a name applied to a particular object, whether
person, place, or thing.

It specializes or limits the thing to which it is applied, reducing it
to a narrow application. Thus, city is a word applied to any one of
its kind; but Chicago names one city, and fixes the attention upon
that particular city. King may be applied to any ruler of a kingdom,
but Alfred the Great is the name of one king only.

The word proper is from a Latin word meaning limited, belonging to
one. This does not imply, however, that a proper name can be applied
to only one object, but that each time such a name is applied it is
fixed or proper to that object. Even if there are several Bostons or
Manchesters, the name of each is an individual or proper name.

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