Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Babar Story - Reading practice - English learning

Babar the Moghul Emperor was very kind to his subjects. If he
loved anyone more it was his son Humayun.

One day when Humayun fell ill, Babar became very sad.
He wanted the best doctor to attend on his son. So the best
doctor in his empire was called in to attend on Humayun. The
doctor treated his patient with utmost care. However
Humayun’s condition did not improve at all. The doctor finally
said, “His condition is now fatal. God only can save him.” This
made Babar lose his hope on the doctor.

Filled with tears Babar knelt down and prayed. “God,
please save my son.” Just at that time he heard the Queen
weeping. He went near her and said, “Have faith in God. He
alone can save our son.”

The Queen stopped weeping. “Is Abdul Baka, the most
pious man in town?” she asked. “Yes indeed”, said the
Emperor. “He is there near our beloved son and is praying to
God for his life”

“You also go there and pray for Humayun’s recovery”,
said the Queen. Babar returned to the room where Humayun lay
sick. “How is he now?” he asked Abdul Baka.
“Medicines have failed,” said Abdul Baka. “Still I
believe Humayun will be alright. Pray to God and offer him the
most valuable thing in your house”. “What’s the most valuable
thing in my house?” asked Babar.

“You have the most valuable diamond with you. Sell that
diamond and you will get lakhs of rupees. You may give the
money to the poor. God may then save the life of your son,”
said Abdul Baka.

“The diamond is no doubt very valuable, but my life is
more valuable than the diamond,” the King said to the pious
man. “I offer my life”. Saying this Babar walked round the bed
of Humayun. He knelt down and said, “God, take my life and
give life to my son”.

Suddenly the doctor saw Humayun uttering a few words.
”Oh Emperor! I can see his pulse beat”. Your son will be
normal soon, cried the pious man.
“God has answered my prayer”. So saying Babar fell
down and died a little later.

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