Saturday, January 2, 2010

Basic english conversation - Post office

Balu : May I come in, sir?
Post Master : Please do, what can I do for you?
Balu : My father is in Mumbai. He sent a mail last week.
But I haven’t received it so far. Would you
please check it up?
Post Master : You see, the letters from the West are delayed due
to the train accident.
Balu : Is that so? Can I get some information regarding
my mail?
Post Master : You may try with the Sorting Office.
Balu : Could you tell me the way?
Post Master : I am a little busy. Could I ask the attendant to
help you?
[Balu meets the attendant]
Attendant : Well. As you go out of the Post Office, turn left.
Balu : O.K. sir.
Attendant : Keep walking.
Balu : How far is it, sir?
Attendant : Just half a kilometer. Take the right turn.
Balu : I know now. Thank you very much.
Attendant : Cross the road carefully.
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