Friday, January 29, 2010

Children conversation - About choclate

It is Babu’s birthday. He gives a dairy milk chocolate to
Seenu. Seenu politely refuses saying that it might harm the
teeth. Babu argues that chocolates will not harm the teeth.
Their argument is given below.

Seenu : Wish you a happy birthday, Babu!
Babu : Thank you, Seenu. Please have some
Seenu : No, thank you.
Babu : Why? Do you think that chocolates will harm
your teeth?
Seenu : Yes, they will.
Babu : But this is dairy milk chocolate. It won’t
harm your teeth.
Seenu : Still, I don’t agree with you.
Babu : At least try one. It’s Amull chocolate.
Seenu : Whatever it is, I don’t want.
Babu : If you brush your teeth after eating chocolates
nothing will happen.
Seenu : However, I’m still not convinced.
Babu : Alright, let’s go to a dentist and consult.
Seenu : That’s a good idea!

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