Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Class room Discussion

Vimali : It seems you are munching something.
Meenakshi : It is nothing but gooseberry.
Vimali : Gooseberry! It is rich in Vitamin C.
Meenakshi : o u are right. Do you know the story about the
golden gooseberries?
Meenakshi : I know about gold ornaments, but not golden
Vimali : I’ll tell you. I heard it from my mother. When
Adi Shankara was a young boy in Kaladi he
went begging for his food.
Meenakshi : Did he?
Vimali : He went to a poor woman’s house. But she
didn’t have anything to offer.
Meenakshi : What a pity!
Vimali : She didn’t want to send the young boy
Meenakshi : Then what did she do?
Vimali : She searched thoroughly and at last got only one
piece of dry gooseberry. She gave it to him.
Meenakshi : Quite interesting.
Vimali : What happened afterwards, is more interesting.
Meenakshi : Please continue. I’m curious to know about it.
Vimali : The boy felt very much moved by the poor
woman’s kind heart. He prayed sincerely.
Meenakshi : What happened next?
Vimali : There was a shower of golden gooseberries on
her house.
Meenakshi : My God! What a miracle! Will it happen to me,
if I say the same prayer?
Vimali : There you are! I asked my mother the same
Meenakshi : What did she say?
Vimali : It is not only the mere song that makes the
miracle happen. Rather our faith and sincere
prayer works wonders.
Meenakshi : I see. Thank you for the interesting story. It
shows the force and power behind prayer.

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