Saturday, January 2, 2010

Conversation in Bank

(John’s father sends him to the bank to deposit Rs.500/-. He
goes to the bank and seeks the help of the clerk).
John : Sir, I want to deposit Rs.500/- in my father’s account.
Clerk : Fill in the form and give it at the counter.
John : Can I make use of this yellow slip?
Clerk : No, that’s for withdrawal. Please use the blue one.
John : May I seek your help in filling this?
Clerk : I’m sorry. I’m a little busy. Can you wait for some time?
I shall ask the attendant to help you.
John : Thank you sir.
(The attendant helps John. Then John gives the challan and the
money to the cashier.)
Cashier : This ten rupee note is very soiled. I can’t accept it.
John : Sir, I don’t have any other note. Anyway the value is
the same. It is not like human love which changes
with appearance.
Cashier : I see your point. I’ll take the note.
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