Tuesday, January 5, 2010

English conversation - Pet Animal

Teacher : We shall do a write-up describing a pet.
Mani : pardon me.
Teacher : Which shall we describe, a cat or a dog?
Rani : Cat.
Teacher : Mani, why do you want a cat to be described?
Mani : We have one at home.
Teacher : Good.
Sheela : Excuse me. Will you please speak a little louder?
Teacher : Certainly.
Why do people keep the cat as a pet?
Mani : Cats are cute.
Teacher : Good. . . any other reason?
Sheela : Cats are lovely animals. They are very friendly.
Teacher : They are harmless too.
Rani : They are attached to their living places.
Teacher : Nice! Are they useful to us in any way?
Mani : Yes... rats are scared away when there is a cat.
Sheela : In that way cats help us.
Teacher : Wonderful!

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