Friday, January 29, 2010

English Learning Activities - Forming a story

Two - in - one stories : Here are two stories jumbled up.
Read the sentences and arrange them meaningfully, so as
to get two stories A and B. Give suitable titles.

1. The goose laid a golden egg everyday.
2. Once, a tiny mouse entered his den and ran up the lion’s
3. Slowly he became very rich.
4. A long time ago there was a lion in a jungle.
5. Though the mouse was scared, it was brave.
6. A man had a magic goose.
7. Suddenly, the lion woke up and caught the mouse.
8. You see, he was a greedy man.
9. So he said, “Oh king! Please spare me I’m too small to
be a meal for you. May be, some day I will help you”.
10. And the man sold the eggs and bought a farm.
11. Therefore, he cut the goose open to get all the golden

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