Tuesday, January 5, 2010

English Learning Activities - Getting Direction

Read the following dialogue. Mr. John and Mr. James are at
the tourist counter in the Central Railway Station. They are
seeking some information regarding the location of the Airport
in Chennai.

John : Can I have a map of Chennai?
Clerk : Here you are.
(John and James study the map).
John : This is Central Railway Station. We are here now.
James : From here the opposite road leads to Anna salai.
John : Please note down the land marks. Anna salai ....
Spencer Plaza ....
James : And Gemini Fly Over further down .... Nehru
John : Are we on the right track?
James : Of course .... Look here. It is just 5 kms from here.
You see, here we are.

Make the students sit in groups of five. Give a map of Chennai
to each group. Ask them to locate the following landmarks:
temples, Railway Stations, hospitals and educational institutions
in the map of Chennai.

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