Tuesday, January 5, 2010

English Learning Activities

The following is a conversation between you and the Railway
ticket reservation clerk over the telephone. Here, some of the
negatives, polite requests and suggestions are wrong. Tick the
right use and correct the wrong ones.

Student : Is it the Reservation Section?
Clerk : Yes, what do you want?
Student : Do you accept students’ concession?.
Clerk : Yes, only if it is authorized by the Head of the
Student : Sir, do you please reserve a ticket for me by Howrah
mail for 5 th January?
Clerk : No, it does not available.
Student : You should try again
Clerk : No chance. The tickets are full till 10th.
Student : Why don’t you suggest some other train to
Clerk : I am busy. You might approach the enquiry counter.
Student : Oh, I don’t know that. I shall find out from the
enquiry. Thank you.

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