Friday, January 29, 2010

Finding Descriptive word - Dialogue

Rosy : Hello, uncle! My friend Nancy is coming by
Navjivan Express in coach S 2 on the 15th of
this month, to Anand. Will you be able to
receive her at the station?
Uncle : Yes, Rosy. I will do that. What does she
look like?
Rosy : She is short and plump. She has thick, black,
curly hair. She has blue eyes and dimpled
cheeks. She is very fair and pretty.
(Nancy is leaving for Gujarat)
Rosy : Nancy, I have spoken to my uncle. He will
receive you at the station.
Nancy : But, how will I identify him?
Rosy : My uncle is very tall and thin. He has brown
eyes and he is totally bald, with a dark
complexion. He sports a beard. He always
carries a walking stick.
Nancy : Does he wear spectacles?
Rosy : No, he doesn’t.
Nancy : But, how will he identify me, Rosy?
Rosy : Don’t worry. I have already described you to
him. There will not be any problem.
Nancy : Thank you, Rosy. I shall leave now.

Task 1: Underline the words which are used to describe
Nancy and Uncle.

Task 2: Now, you give a description of someone you know.
You can make use of these words :

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