Tuesday, January 5, 2010

General Glossary

co-existence - /k@uig|zist@ns/ live together
fortunes - /f|O:tSu:nz/ chance or luck
reptiles - /|reptailz/ creeping creatures
panic - /p|{nik/ great fear
ill omen - /il @um@n/ a bad sign
set its eyes - /set its Qiz/ attacked
myth - /miT/ stories of olden times
mate -/meit/ partner
stuff of lore - /stVf @v lO:/ subject matter for stories
mysticism - /|mistisizm/ belief in God through
ecological -/i:k@|lQdZikl/ connection between the
plants and the animals
and surroundings
slithering -/|sliD@riN/ moving smoothly close to
the ground
fit of rage - /|fit @v reidZ/ anger
aversion -/@v|3:Sn/ strong dislike
pest control -/pest k@n|tr@ul/ control of insects or animals
that destroy plants, food
misinformed -/misin|fO:md/ wrongly informed
Geckos -/|gek@uz/ a kind of lizard

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