Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Glossary - Horse - Vocabulary

meadow /‘med@U/ - grasslands
gallop /‘g{l@p / - the movement of a horse
when all the four feet are off
the ground
whinnied /‘wInId/ - neighed softly
sweet temper /swi:t‘temp@/ - pleasant attitude
breaking - in /‘breIkIrNIn/ - the act of training and
disciplining a horse
saddle /‘s{dl / - a leather seat for a rider on
the horse
bridle /‘braIdl / - a set of leather bands
attached to the reins
halter /‘hO:lt@/ - strap
harness /‘hA:nIs/ - a set of straps and metal
pieces worn around the body
and the head of a horse
stable /’steIbl/ - place where horses are kept
pony / ‘p@Um / - a type of small horse
mare /me@ / - a female horse
mane / mem / - the long hair on the neck of
a horse
intuition / mtju:‘ISn/ -the ability to know
something by your feelings
reins /remz/ -two leather straps that are
fastened around a horse and
held by the rider

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