Friday, January 29, 2010

Improve your conversation skills - Library

B. Speaking

At The Library
Kannan : Excuse me, Sir. Have you finished reading the
Gentleman : Mmmm......... yes, what do you want?
Kannan : Could I have the paper, please? I want to read
the news about the Kargil war.
Gentleman : Oh, Sure! Here it is.
Kannan : Thanks.

Outside The Library

Kannan : Oh, my! It’s late for school.
Gentleman : Don’t worry. I’ll drop you in my two-wheeler.
(He drops him in his school)
Kannan : Thank you very much, Sir. I’m very grateful to
Gentleman : It’s alright.

Task 1: Practise speaking the above dialogue taking turns.
Task 2: What will you say in the following situations ?
Use the phrases / words given in brackets, (‘’thank
you’, ‘thankyou very much’, ‘No, thanks’, ‘Thanks
a lot’.)

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