Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reading Practice - Gokhale story

We live in an independent country. Our country became
independent on 15th August 1947. It is because of great leaders
and patriots who suffered, lost their wealth and went to jail that
we achieved this independence.

One of the great patriots of India is Gopal Krishna
Gokhale. He was a noble leader. Mahatma Gandhi himself
refers to him: “Gokhale is my teacher, he taught me politics.”

Gopal Krishna Gokhale, known as Gopal in his family
and among his friends, was born in a small village in
Maharashtra. His parents Krishnarao and Sathyabhama bai were
very poor. Gokhale had a brother. His name was Govind.

When Gopal was thirteen and Govind was eighteen
Krishna Rao died suddenly. As the family was very poor and
Govind loved his brother very much, he discontinued his studies
and went to work to enable Gopal to go to Kolhapur for his
higher studies.

Gopal Krishna Gokhale studied hard reading his lessons
under the street lamp. For many years he had only one meal a
day. On completing his studies he worked as a teacher for a
long time for a meagre salary.

He was very honest. He always spoke the truth. Even as
a boy he was truthful and honest.

One day his teacher gave some homework in Arithmetic.
During the correction of the home work of students he noticed
that almost all the boys had gone wrong in answering one of the
sums. Gokhale alone had managed to answer the sum correctly.
Hence, the teacher felt very happy and said, “Gopal, there are no
mistakes in your work. I like you. Come to the front and sit on
the first bench”.

Gokhale did not move from his seat. He stood up and
began to sob, surprising the teacher and the students in the class.
The teacher asked him, “Why do you sob? You ought to be
happy. You have after all done all the sums correctly. Come to
the front seat.”

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