Monday, January 4, 2010

Vocabulary - Human Organs

Robust : My name is Robust.
Anand : Mr. Robust, you look robust and healthy.
What is the secret?
Robust : I’m Robust because my internal organs function well.
Now I request some of my internal organs who keep
me healthy and cheerful to talk to you about their
brain - I control movement,
thoughts, memory and feelings.
spinal cord - I connect all parts of the body to the
lungs - My function is to breathe.
heart - My function is to pump blood to all parts
of the body.
spleen - I control the quality of the blood.
Robust: Friends, can you tell me now how the
other internal organs function to keep you
liver - an organ that cleans the blood.
gall bladder -
a long tube between the stomach and the
intestines- an organ attached to the liver
kidneys- an organ that removes waste from the
blood and produces urine
teeth- used for biting and chewing food.

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