Monday, February 15, 2010

Dialogue in railway station and announcement

Nancy : Hey, Rosy! How are you?
Rosy : I’m fine. Thank you! How are you? Where are you
Nancy : I’m going to Madurai. I heard that you got the first
prize in the painting competition. Congratulations!
Rosy : Thank you, Nancy. Please have some chocolates.
Nancy : Thank you, Rosy. ( She eats one.) It’s very tasty.
Where did you buy it?
Rosy : My uncle is in Gujarat. He always sends me milk
Nancy : Oh! That is the reason for your rosy, chubby cheeks.
Rosy : Come on! Don’t tease me, dear. These chocolates
are really delicious! I just love them.
Nancy : By the way, next month I am going to Gujarat.
Rosy : When you go there, you can meet my uncle. He is
working in Amul Dairy. He will take you around
the dairy, a place worth visiting.
(There is an announcement)

“Passengers! Your attention please. Train 2637, Pandian
Express, bound for Madurai will leave at 21.30 hours from
platform 3.”

Nancy : I’m sorry, Rosy. My train is about to start. I’ll see
you later. There is an announcement about your
train also.

“Passengers! Your attention please. Train 6804, Howrah
Express bound for Howrah is running late by 20 minutes. It is
expected to arrive at 22.20 hours. The inconvenience is

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