Friday, February 26, 2010

English Learning Activities - Slap That Word!

Slap That Word!

Slap that Word is a fun game you can play with children that will help them associate and reinforce written and spoken words that have been introduced during your lessons. You'll need these materials: fly swatter, word wall (words written on a chalkboard or white board). The goal of the activity is that given a spoken word, the student will quickly be able to recognize the word's written form.

Aim: Building fluency and recognition skills.

Activity: Slap words located on a 'word wall'

Level: Children


  • Have your students gather near the word wall.

  • Use the following introduction: We are going to attempt to locate words on the word wall quickly. When you hear the word, look for the word on the wall and then swat it as fast as you can with this fly swatter.

  • Call out a word from the word wall and ask the first student whose turn it is to locate the word and swat it with the fly swatter.

  • Lead the class in a cheer when the correct word is slapped. Aid students who are having trouble. When the first student's turn is over, repeat the process for the next student.

  • Add a timed component if you wish to make the activity more competitive.

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