Saturday, February 27, 2010

How is your day - Interactive Practice

How is your day - Interactive Practice

A: "What are you doing now?"

B: "I'm watching TV."

A: "What are you watching?"

B: "I'm watching Friends. What are you doing?"

A: "I'm doing my homework, but I really need to take a break."

B: "You want to do something?"

A: "Yes. But I shouldn't. I got to finish my assignment now."

B: "Alright. Call me later then."

A: "OK. Bye."

A: "Where are you going now?"

B: "I'm going to the bank."

A: "Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

B: "I'm working now. I'm making a deposit for our company."

A: "Where do you work?"

B: "I work for a restaurant as a controller."

A: "Wow. That's great."

B: "Great seeing you. I have to go now. I'll talk to you later."

A: "Hi Steve. What are you doing here?"

B: "I'm meeting a friend here for dinner. How about you?"

A: "I'm on my way home but I needed to stop by the book store to buy a text book."

B: "Didn't you finish school yet?"

A: "I have one more year, and then I'm done."B: "What are you majoring in?"A: "I'm majoring in Sociology"

B: "How do you like your major?"

A: "I really find the subject very interesting. I'm enjoying all my classes."

B: "That's great."

A: "I better go now. I don't want to miss the bus."

B: "Aright, I'll talk to you later."

A: "Okay. See you later."

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