Monday, February 15, 2010

Note taking - Study skills

Class 7 students were going on an educational tour to
Gujarat. The class teacher Mrs. Grace was in charge of the
tour. She read out the tour programme to the students. Your
teacher will read it to you now. As you listen, follow the notes,
taken down by the students.

(The teacher reads.)
14th January : Travel by train from Central station - Chennai
to Ahmedabad
15th January : (Night) Reach Ahmedabad
16th January : Local sight - seeing and visit Sabarmathi
17th January : (Morning) Leave for Rajkot
18th January : Somnath temple
19th January : (Morning) Visit Amul Dairy
20th January : (Morning) Leave Ahmedabad
21st January : (Evening) Reach Chennai

Now, why do we take notes?

We take notes for future reference. Noting down important
points while listening will help such reference.

This skill is called
note - taking.

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