Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping and happy birthday conversations

(Tomorrow is Rajan’s birthday. His father takes him to a
shop to buy a gift for him)

Rajan : Dad, I want that aeroplane.
(He tries to take the aeroplane from the shelf.)
Father : Wait! The shopkeeper will get it for us.
Father (to the
shopkeeper) : Sir, please get me that aeroplane.

(Meanwhile Rajan tries to take the aeroplane.
He drops it. It breaks.)

Father : Rajan. I told you to wait, didn’t I? You have
broken the aeroplane. Now say, “sorry”, to the
Rajan : I’m sorry, Sir.
Shopkeeper : Don’t worry, dear. It’s alright.

(Kannan, Rajan’s friend, who comes from a poor family enters.)
Kannan : Rajan, you are wearing a new dress. You also
have a new toy!
Rajan : Yes, today is my birthday.
Kannan : Happy Birthday, my friend! Today is my
birthday, too.
Rajan : Oh! Is it so? Happy Birthday! Has your father
given you any gift?
Kannan : No.
Rajan : Why?
Kannan : He can’t afford to buy me one.
Rajan : Well. You can have mine. I can get another one.
Kannan : Thank you very much!
Mother : Oh, how nice of you Rajan! It’s always good to
share what you have with others.

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