Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Useful telephone vocabulary and phrases in English

Making contact

  • Hello/Good morning/Good afternoon ..

  • This is John Brown speaking.

  • Could I speak to .......... please?

  • I'd like to speak to .......... please.

  • I'm trying to contact ..........

Giving more information

  • I'm calling from Tokyo/Paris/New York/Sydney

  • I'm calling on behalf of (Mr. X ...)

Taking a call

  • X speaking

  • Can I help you?

Asking for a name/information

  • Who's calling please?

  • Who's speaking?

  • Where are you calling from?

  • Are you sure you have the right number/name?

Asking the caller to wait

  • Hold the line please

  • Could you hold on please

  • Just a moment please


  • Thank you for holding

  • The line's free now ..... I'll put you through

  • I'll connect you now / I'm connecting you now.

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