Sunday, March 14, 2010

how to express angery

There are many ways a person can get angry. Let's first look at the situation where it involved a different person.

"I'm so pissed. Roger just stabbed me in the back."
"When I see Roger, I'm going to kick his ass."
"What was he thinking! I thought we were friends too."
"I don't know what I'm going to do when I see him. I found out that he's been sleeping with my girlfriend."
"Matt is dating my ex-girlfriend. I'm pretty upset about that. He knows I still have feelings for her."
"Whenever I think about him, I get pissed. He treats his friends like crap."
"I can't believe he was talking behind my back. Whenever he talks to me, he acts like we're close friends."
"Matt borrowed my car and put a dent in it. He claims he didn't do it. I'm never trusting him again."
"I told Scott a secret and made sure he never tells anyone. The next week, I heard it from three different people. I was so pissed."

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