Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Introduce one person - Example English

How to introduce one person to others. Here is the example.

Nagesh : Hello Suresh, how are you? (greeting)
Suresh : Fine, Thank you. How are you?
Nagesh : I am fine too. (responding to greeting)
Benjamin, meet
Mr.Suresh, my cousin. Suresh, meet my friend,
Suresh : How do you do? (responding to first introduction)
Benjamin : How do you do?
Nagesh : Benjamin, yesterday I saw your brother going to
St.Martha’s hospital. What’s the matter?
Benjamin : My father has been admitted there. He had a mild
heart attack.
Nagesh : How sad! It’s very unfortunate. (expressing
Suresh : Oh! How is he now?
Benjamin : He’s still in the ICU. But the doctor says that there is
nothing to worry.
Suresh : Thank God! (expressing relief)
Nagesh : I wish him a speedy recovery. Hope he’ll get well
Benjamin: I hope so too. See you later.
Suresh : See you. Bye!
Nagesh : See you again. Bye! (taking leave)

Detailed analysis

The following two expressions do not mean die same.
1. ‘How are you?’ and 2. ‘How do you do?’

1. While speaking to a familiar person, we ask, ‘How are
you?’ and the response will be ‘I am fine’.

2. When a person is introduced to a stranger he/she will say
’How do you do?’ The response is also ‘How do you do?

Other-ways of strangers greeting each other is to say ‘glad’
/’pleased’ /’nice to meet you’.

• When someone is in distress, we say, ‘How sad!’
When someone is sick, we say, ‘Wish you/him speedy

• Between Friends. saying ‘How are you?’ itself becomes a
form of greeting.

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