Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to introduce ourself and talk to others - conversation example

 Meeting a Foreigner in chennai

Rahul: May I introduce myself?
My name is Rahul. (introducing oneself)
John : I am John.
Rahul : How do you do? (responding to introduction)
John : How do you do?
Rahul : Where arr you from, Mr.John? (asking for
John : I’m from the US. How about you?
Rahul : I belong here. How long have you been here?
John : I’ve been here for two weeks.
Rahul : Are you going to stay for long?
John : No, I’m just on a short holiday.
Rahul : Do you like Chennai? (asking for likes/dislikes)
John : Yes, I am enjoying it here. (expressing likes/
Rahul : Is it too hot for you?
John : No, not too hot.
Rahul : And how do you like the food here? (asking for
John : It’s delicious and tasty, but a little hot and spicy.
(expressing likes/dislikes)
Rahul : Do you like our idlis?
John : I love the soft idlis, particularly with sambar.
Fantastic combination.

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