Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Interview Question in English


  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. How would you describe yourself? (character/personality)

  3. What are your strengths/weaknesses?

  4. Are you married? Single? Do you have a partner?

  5. What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies? / Do you have any hobbies?

  6. Why are you interested in working for our company? Why do you want to work for this company?

  7. What type of position do you think you are suited for / would suit you?

  8. How would you describe the position we have to offer?

  9. What aspects of the position are you most / least interested in?

  10. What would you like to find in this job that you didn't have in your previous job?

  11. How do you think you could develop the position? What would be your strategy to develop the position?

  12. What have you got to offer us? What could you contribute to our company?

  13. Why do you want to leave your present job? Why do you want to change jobs?

  14. What were you responsible for? What did your job involve?

  15. What do you think you gained by working in your last job?

  16. What do you think of your (last) boss?

  17. What are your salary requirements? How much would you hope to earn in this position? How much do you think you should be offered for this position? What salary would you expect (to be offered) for this position?

  18. Have you received any offers of a job?

  19. Why have you had to look for a job for so long? Why have you been looking for a job for so long? Why did it take you so long to find a new job?

  20. How do you feel about your future in the profession?

  21. Have you had any failures? / What failures have you had? Have you had any negative experiences?

  22. What sort of obstacles have you come across/encountered in your work?

  23. If you had to recruit colleagues, what qualities would you look for?

  24. Would you be willing to relocate/to move to another part of the country/ to work abroad? Did you have to travel abroad in your last job?

  25. Don't you think you have too much experience/you are over-qualified for this job?

  26. How long do you think you would stay with us? If we offered you the job, how long would you expect to stay with us?

  27. Which do you prefer : to work alone or in a team? Do you prefer working alone or with other people as part of a team?

  28. Do you know how to manage a team? Are you capable of leading a team? Do you think you have the ability to be a team leader?

  29. Why should I recruit you? How could you persuade me to recruit you?

  30. Do you have any comments to make, or questions to ask?

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