Thursday, March 11, 2010

Learn a word a day

Agritourism - A form of tourism in which tourists stay on farms or in agricultural villages, and often participate in farm activities.

Alcopop - Fruit drinks fortified with alcohol, designed and marketed to appeal to young people.

Audiophile - Person who loves and collects high-quality audio equipment.

Baggravation- Blend of the words 'bag' and 'aggravation'. A feeling of annoyance and frustration at the airport when your baggage has not arrived but the other passengers' bags have.

Burkini or Burquini - Blend of 'burqa' and 'bikini' A swimsuit worn by Muslim women which covers the whole body i.e. the arms to the wrist, the legs to the ankle, with a hood to cover the hair and neck.

Busking - Performing on the streets and other public places, while soliciting donations. Busy urban areas will attract street performers (buskers) who sing, play, juggle, etc

Buzz - Excited interest or attention surrounding, for example, a new invention, a recent event or something that has become fashionable.

Buzzword - A new word or expression that is commonly used in specialized work environments or age-groups, and has become fashionable. Terms used in advertising can often convert into buzzwords and become widely used.

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